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Is your Nonprofit ready to start using AI?

What is the next step in your AI journey?

How can AI help with field operations?

AI Compass for Nonprofits

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Overwhelmed by the AI buzz? Wondering where your organization stands and what the next steps are?

Discover how your tech adoption stands with our AI Compass and gain tailored actionable insights. Leverage AI responsibly to boost fundraising, reduce costs, deliver on mission, foster team, volunteer, donor, and beneficiary engagement, and drive informed decisions.


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Answer 8 questions using a guided scale. You do not need to provide contact information.

Get personalized insights and benchmarking information.

Based on the AI and Digital Transformation Compass™ with data from over 10,000 organizations,

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A blue laptop computer with a colorful explosion coming out of the screen. The explosion is made up of different colors, including red, yellow, green, and blue. The laptop is resting on a table, and there is a keyboard and mouse in front of it. The background of the image is white.

The Compass's benchmarking insights informed a meeting with our IT consultant, to start our AI adoption.

Discovering Azure AI and Copilot Studio through the Compass steered us towards readily accessible AI solutions.

The AI Compass gave direction in the overwhelming world of AI. It kick-started our journey towards AI adoption.

The AI Compass guided us to a practical use of AI to automate and personalize donor outreach.

Get personalized insights and benchmark information

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Use the Slider for each of the following 8 key dimensions to choose a number from 1 to 5, reflecting your current level of technology adoption. A brief description accompanies each number to help you make an accurate selection.

Select one option that best matches your core focus, or where you intend to direct your tech and AI investment in the coming year.


Sustainable Funding Growth


Reduce Costs and Streamline Operations


Harnessing Data to Optimize Programs and Outcomes


Data and Systems Security


Privacy and Compliance such as GDPR, HIPAA, and other regulations and frameworks


Drive Donor, Volunteer, Partner and Beneficiary Engagement, Retention, and Growth


Enable or Improve Staff, Volunteers, and Partners Engagement and Collaboration

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